About Me

Frelancer Marketing, web development, design & multimedia

All website I create are built on Linux system (*Ubuntu). They run on Apache web server, written in php and using mysql database. Sometimes I use several content management platform.

The list below show how some website are made.

Website (independent project - currently ONLINE):

Milano Bar (year built: 2010)
-contains: php, mysql, javascript, css

Sanja Veljkovic (year built: 2010)
-contains: php, mysql, actionscript, javascript, css

SCB (development; year built: 2008)
-contains: php, mysql, javascript, css

Demokratska stranka Savski venac (year built: 2005)
-contains: php, mysql, xml, javascript, css


DKC Majdan
Mazda - AC Auto
AC Auto d.o.o. Beograd
Snex Beograd
Demokratska Omladina Savski venac
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